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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you accidentally left your car keys inside the vehicle? No need to panic! We’re here to help you regain access to your car. Our team specializes in all car lock Key services, including lost or replacement car keys, emergency locksmith services, ignition repair, rekeying transponder keys programming, key fob installation and programming and much more. With our expertise and top notch products, we aim to provide quick and professional solutions for all makes and models of vehicles in Denver. 

Our Car Locksmith Services Includes:


Getting you quickly and safely back into your car when you’ve been locked out is our gold. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost, damaged or had your keys stolen, our team of automotive locksmith experts will swiftly assist you in gaining access back into your vehicle.

Obtaining keys from the trunk

Sometimes when people are loading groceries or other items into their cars trunk they tend to forget about their keys. It’s a frustrating moment when they realize they’ve accidentally locked themselves out of the vehicle. Rest assured we’re here to help you open your trunk and get your keys back.

Key replacement and duplication

If you happen to misplace or lose your car keys or if they get damaged in any other way, it’s crucial to have a replacements. We will conveniently come to where you are, and swiftly create new keys ensuring that you can resume your journey with as many duplicates as necessary.

Extraction of a broken key

Every day there are individuals who mistakenly find themselves in the predicament of snapping their keys within the locks of their vehicles doors and ignitions. Every day we promptly respond to their calls for assistance liberating them from these lockouts so that they can resume their routines without any hindrance.

Assistance in the area of luxury cars

Nowadays luxurious cars come with electronic security features like digital keys and enhanced ignition systems. Our locksmiths have the expertise in handling all these advanced mechanisms.

Key replacement and Fob reprogramming

Most of the time when key fobs stop working they usually just need a battery replacement or to be reprogrammed. However there are instances where the fobs have to be replaced. Our team deals with these situations regularly, assisting drivers who are having problems with their fobs.

Rekeying car ignition system

It’s quite of a task to rekey your ignition system, but our team can definitely handles it, making sure you’re back behind the wheel in no time. So if you require to rekey your ignition, we can absolutely help you. Our technicians are capable of producing new keys alongside repairing your ignition switch and getting you back on track.

Our team of locksmiths at Lock & Doors Denver is ready to help you with any emergency related to your vehicle no matter the time, without any delay!