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Things To Know Before Buying Aftermarket Electronic Car Keys

If your car key fob disappeared or perhaps got stolen one of option is to go to the car dealership and get a new one. Prepare yourself for a costly expense because getting a replacement at the dealership is not cheap. Another option that can save you money is purchasing aftermarket electronic car keys on the internet.

There are few important things you must know before making this informed decision:

Compatibility & Quality

Not all aftermarket keys are compatible with your car, so make sure to look for the right key and if you’re not sure don’t hesitate to confirm it with your dealership.

The quality of aftermarket keys can change significantly and it is very important look for sellers with positive reviews as possible to ensure you’re getting a good quality product.


Aftermarket keys usually need to be programmed and while some keys can be easily programmed by simple actions others keys require professional programming by dedicated machines. Make sure you understand exactly the programming process of your and that you have the necessary tools.

Make sure that the aftermarket key you’re buying offers the same function as your original key like lock/unlock, trunk release and alarm functions.

Security & Warranty

Be careful of fake keys that may compromise your car security system and stick to reputable sellers. Check if the aftermarket key comes with any warranty that offers a reasonable return policy in case the key does not work or break down.

Legal Considerations

Check local regulations for aftermarket car keys in your jurisdiction because some states may have restrictions on selling or using them.


While aftermarket keys are cheaper than dealership replacements try to avoid extremely cheap options because they might compromise your car system and probably won’t last to long.

Take your time and research deeply the different aftermarket options, compare prices and read reviews from other customers who have purchased the same key. If it too much for you to handle it is always recommended to call an automotive locksmith for help.

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