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Where Can I Get My Key FOB Programmed?

Many car owners, with vehicles that have smart keys often ask where they can go to have their key fobs programmed. These handy keyless entry remotes provide control over locking and unlocking the car, activating the panic alarm, opening the trunk and even starting the car remotely from a distance. The best thing about it is that these remotes can be wirelessly programmed, and can be reprogrammed multiple times, giving you an added flexibility and peace of mind. So if you’re curious about how to get your key fob programmed just follow up this article.

Uses of Key Fobs

The term ‘fob’ is believed to have originated from watch fobs in 1888. These fobs were accessories that dangled from the chain of a pocket watch. The phrase ‘key fob’ can be traced back to the the German word for ‘pocket’ – ‘fuppe’ or ‘open’. Nowadays modern key fobs have expanded their functionalities beyond doors. For example key fobs can even be utilized to operate car windows and even start your car.

These days many cars have fobs that on top of locking and unlocking tour car can also provide the convenience of opening the windows by pressing the unlock button and holding it down on the second press. In addition certain key fobs can even start the car remotely on cold days to warm it up, so if you notice an arrow on the engine button it means that your car key fob has the ability to start the engine from a distance.

Furthermore some vehicles have the option to automatically adjust their side mirrors to accommodate space in parking lots. If your car have this feature you can use your key fob by keeping the lock button pressed for ten seconds to fold the mirrors.

Key fobs have few main purposes such as effortlessly unlocking your car doors and trunk and initiating your vehicle through keyless ignition systems. Additionally certain car models allow you to utilize the fob to save memory positions and adjust your seating position.

When do you need to program or reprogram your key fob?

Keyless ignition start works by using radio frequency signals. The chips inside your fobs send a coded signal to the antenna, which then sends the coded signal to the car’s receiver. Each key fob is made specifically for your vehicle, and has its unique code. If you lose your key or have a problem with the signal, you’ll need to reprogram it.

Where can I get my key fob programmed?

Certain car manuals include guidance on how to program the fob although the procedure may differ depending on the car model or year. Programming the fob can be quite intricate for makes and models. Another option is to visit a dealership to get the fob programmed. This alternative can be quite expensive.

The price of replacing a fob for European car brands, such as BMW or Mercedes Benz can go as high as $600. Additionally there is a charge of $150 for programming. Newer European cars have implemented rolling code encryption as an extra security measure to deter theft.

When calling an automotive locksmith not only that you have the opportunity to save a great deal of money on the key fob programming but also save money on towing your car to the dealership, and also saving valuable time as he would come to you, where ever your car is parked and at the time fits you the best.

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