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Where Can I Get My Key FOB Programmed?

Many car owners that have smart key system in their car are often busy with where can they get their key fobs programmed. These handy keyless entry remotes provide great convenience by remotely lock and unlock the car, activate the alarm, open the trunk and even starting the car from a distance.

What is a key fob?

A key fob is a small electronic device that is used to remote control main functions in you car, it usually works over radio frequency to communicate with the car computer system.

The term “key fob” is believed to have originated in the mid 20th century. The word “fob” historically referred to a small pocket attached to a men jackets and used to hold a pocket watch. In the context of keys a fob is a small tag attached to a key ring for identification purposes.

The integration of electronics into these fobs began in the late 20th century as automobile manufacturers searched for a more convenient and secure ways to control cars functions remotely. These devices started as simple transmitters but nowadays they’ve become highly advanced with special features like keyless entry and push button start ignition.

Why would you need to reprogram your key fob?

Sometimes key fobs can stop working for several reasons and reprogramming your key fob means making it work properly with your car computer again.

Battery Replacement

Sometimes when changing the battery in your key fob it can lose the connection with the car computer and you may need to reprogram it to synchronize it again.

Damaged Fob

Key fobs can get damaged by falling to many times and stop working. Reprogramming the fob can sometimes resolve these issues.

Lost Fob

If your key fob is lost reprogramming the spare fob you have will make sure that the old one cannot be used to open your car, if you don’t have a spare one a new one will absolutely need to be programmed .

New Owner

If you purchase a used car you might consider to reprogram it to prevent the previous owner from accessing the vehicle if he still has a copy.

System Reset

In some cases it may be necessary to reprogram the key fob to reset the car security system because of communication errors.

Where can I get my key fob programmed?

Some car manufacturers made it more user friendly and some models allow owners to reprogram the fob themselves by following few steps that involve the fob synchronization with the car computer system.

Most cars fobs are quite complicated for programming and require special machines and knowledge and one option is to visit the dealership and get your fob reprogram. This option can get quite expensive and time consuming. There is another alternative that is more convenient and cheaper and it is to call an automotive locksmith and have him come over and do the job.

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