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How Much Does A Locksmith Charge To Get A Broken Key Out?

If you’re curious about the expenses associated with hiring an emergency locksmith to extract a broken key from a lock, rest assured that you’re not alone. Many of us have encountered this inconvenience at least once.

Imagine this scenario: You’re running late for a meeting, and finally arrive at your parking spot. In your rush to exit the vehicle and make your way to the office you hastily pull out your car keys only to hear a snap. The key has snapped in half leaving one piece lodged within the lock.

Dealing with a key stuck in a lock can be quite frustrating whether it happens with your car, house door or even your company’s gate. However should such an unfortunate incident occur there’s no need to panic.

In Denver there are locksmith companies, like Lock And Doors Denver, who can swiftly come to your location and offer an on site service for removing the broken key. Not only that the old key will be successfully extracted out from the ignition switch, but also a new key will be cut on spot, allowing you to resume your journey without any delay.

How much does a locksmith charge to remove a broken key in Denver?

The cost of removing a broken key from your lock depends on several factors:

Complexity of the locking system

Lock systems, whether in houses, buildings or cars, have gone through changes in the last years. The level of complexity in a lock system depends on when the lock and key were installed. If the lock system is more advanced, like a fob key or card swipe lock, locksmiths will need highly professional skills and advanced tools to extract a broken key. As a result the cost of removing a key will also differ accordingly.

Unique hardware or software components

Certain keys are designed with programming that requires a method for removal. For example if its a car key with a transponder chip or a key fob, locksmiths usually charge higher prices for extracting those keys. The reason behind this is that these keys demand expertise to safely remove and fix them.

Technology used by the locksmith to remove the broken key debris

Many locksmiths use sophisticated tools to extract keys that get stuck in locks. In the case of transponder keys, radio frequency identification devices can be used to identify the keys programming code and facilitate its removal.

The more advanced the technology the higher the price

Age of the lock

If the lock on your door is old and covered in rust, it may take a big effort and quite some time to remove a broken key, that is why an experience locksmith will typically charge more in these situations.

Time of service

Emergency calls or services outside of office hours will be a subject to charge more than those made during the day.

Experience of the locksmith

In the end an experienced locksmith might ask for higher fees compared to someone who has just recently entered the industry.

Based on this, here’s what to expect for charges when removing a broken key

The price for removing a broken key from a lock can differ depending on few factors, such as the complexity of the lock and the specific situation. For regular standard locks you can expect to pay up to $100 for key extraction. However if you’re dealing with advanced technology locks or require the services outside of office hours the cost may be around $150. In scenarios involving luxury vehicle keys, professional locksmiths might charge up to $200 due to their specialized skills and equipment needed.

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