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Changing Locks vs. Rekeying: When to Do Each

When moving into to a previously owned house and you want to secure it the first thought that comes into your head is to change all the locks with new ones, but there’s an other option that in some cases is better and somehow overlooked which is lock rekey.

What Are The Differences?

Lock Change

Lock change is exactly like it sounds completely replacing your old locks with new ones. When you change a it could be because it is old and its key is already worn out or you actually want to upgrade you home security with a high security lock or with a smart lock. This action means that each lock came with a new key and that operate it. Changing locks offers the highest level of security since you’re installing a brand new lock which also means it will last longer.

Lock Rekey

Lock rekey is like resetting a password and Instead of changing the whole lock a locksmith adjusts the internal pins of a lock so that the old keys will no longer work. Then the locksmith create a new set of keys that will fit the rekeyed lock. It’s a smart move if you’re worried about someone that you don’t know posses a copy of the old key like a former tenant an or an ex-roommate. Lock rekey are much less expensive than changing locks because you’re keeping the old hardware and it’s a quicker operation too. Also with lock rekey you can set all your locks to work with the same key which is very convenient and also smart. Another plus is when a locksmith rekey your he can see the state of the lock with the utmost precision and if necessary to replace damaged parts.

The Cost

Lock change means getting a completely new lock which nowadays can cost between $70 to $400 or more depending on the type of lock and installation fees. On the other hand lock rekey is a much cheaper and typically cost between $15 to $50 per lock and you get a new key that operates all your locks. Both methods help to improve security but if we’re talking about dealing with more than just one lock then lock rekey is more cost effective and will be a better choice.

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