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3 Benefits Of Having A Spare Key

Do you have a spare key for your house? How about your car? It’s quite surprising how many people don’t possess spare keys for either their properties and cars. Having an additional key can help you out in the most frustrating situations in life and it is a very wise decision to have a spare key on hand. You could entrust one with a nearby family members and another with a close neighbor you trust. You can hide it in a clever hiding spot around the house like under your dog house or even to store it in a key lockbox at a district location around the house.

Saves time

When you find yourself in a situation where you’ve accidentally locked yourself out it’s a big relief to know that you have a spare key nearby. The only challenge is in obtaining that spare key at this moment of emergency.
If you kept a spare key in more than just one place you took an informed decision and if your default person who has it is not available you can try your second option ant way it will be much faster than waiting for a locksmith to arrive.

Saves money

When it comes to get immediate help in times of lockout situations it may be at a great price, so having a spare key Instead of reaching out to a locksmith can save you a great deal of money. Calling a locksmith to come over to your location, unlock your door and make a new key is way more expensive than visit a local hardware store after you took out your spare key and made a new copy out of it. By having a spare key in advance you can save between $50 to $250!

Easier to recover lost key

It is much simpler to duplicate an existing key than calling a locksmith and have him rekey your locks. Getting locks out can happen from different reasons like you might lost your key, break it or locked it in and can’t get it. A spare key will come in handy as you can easily made new copies out of it in your nearby local hardware store.

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