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Tips For Giving Your Kids House Keys

Your kids have reached an age where they can go to school by themselves come back home when you’re not around and it seems like a good idea to give them the house keys so they can always get in.

Giving your kids the house keys is a significant moment in their independence and it shows trust and enable them to take responsibility of their actions.

Here are some tips for giving your kids the house keys:

Establish Ground Rules

Before handing your kids their own set of keys evaluate if they’re ready based on age and responsibility. Once you’re confident they are sit down together and establish some ground rules on how they can use the key and appropriate times to use it, like it’s OK when they’re coming home from school and when it’s not like letting friends into the house without permission.

Make an Example

Be a role model and show your kids how to handle keys responsibly like always knowing where they are and never sharing keys with strangers. Regularly talk with them about how they’re doing with their key offer guidance when needed.



Encourage open communication with your kids about about everything and also about having house keys and make sure they feel confidence enough to carry the hose keys as it will help them develop responsible habits.

Responsibility & Safety

Teach your kids responsibility with house keys, show them how not to lose them and the importance of locking doors. Also explain how home safety is an impotent issue and show then how to turn on the alarm system and what to do if something goes wrong.

Have a plan in case your child gets locked out!

Mistakes can happen over time even in the most organized situations and there might be a moment when your kids can lose their key and get locked out unexpectedly. To handle these situations in the best way it is important to be prepared in advanced and by having an emergency contact number they can reach out like a close neighbor that has a spare key or a securely hidden spare key in a place they can safely reach.

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