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Tips For Giving Your Kids House Keys

Your kids have reached an age where they can go to school by themselves, explore the neighborhood on their own or come home when you’re not around – you think ‘ it’s about time ‘ . Seems like a good idea to give them the house keys so they can always get inside. The problem with giving keys to children is the possibility of them misplacing them which could put your homes security at risk and become troublesome if your child ends up locked out.

Let’s explore some strategies to help your kids keep track of their house keys:

Organize your keys for easy locating!

You might want to think about getting a lanyard or a unique keychain for your child. It’s a way for them to have something easy to grab when they need their house keys. Kids can easily attach these keychains to their backpacks using a clip or by tying them on. If they happen to misplace their keys it will be more noticeable, furthermore it will encourage them to be more careful and keep better track of their keys.

Use a key rack to help you keep all keys in one place!

To establish a structured routine simply designate a dedicated spot in your home where each person can conveniently deposit their keys upon arrival and retrieve them before leaving. Whether its a wall rack or a designated drawer, this straightforward system ensures that everyone are placing their keys in the same place making them readily accessible whenever needed. It’s a way to save time and bring tranquility to your everyday life!

Remember to have spare keys and keep them hidden!

If your children (or even you!) happen to misplace their keys, it is always a choice to have spare key as a backup. Think about creating duplicates and cleverly hiding them in locations that only your family members know about. This ensures that you have a plan in case of emergencies moments. Spare yourself from unnecessary stress and inconvenience by taking the action of hiding a spar key.

Have a plan in case your child gets locked out!

Mistakes can occur even in the most organized situations, and there might be a moment when your child can get locked out unexpectedly. To handle these scenarios in the best way it is important to be prepared in advanced. Make sure you have an emergency contact number handy, a close and friendly neighbor they can reach out to or a spare key securely hidden in a place they can safely reach. Remember to prioritize security and avoid easily accessible hiding spots such as under doormats or potted plants!

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