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Post Home Burglary Checklist

Imagine returning to your home only to discover it has been violated. The unsettling feeling of unease and vulnerability washes over you leaving you shaken and disturbed. Going through a home burglary can be a distressing experience. Don’t worry we’re here to provide the assistance you need. Allow us to introduce our checklist for managing the aftermath of a home burglary. This valuable resource will guide you through the steps helping you recover and restore your peace of mind after the break in. Together lets rebuild your haven and regain your sense of security.

This practical guiding tool will help keep you organized and ensure that no important tasks are overlooked as you navigate the aftermath of a home burglary. It enables you to track completed tasks and stay on top of what needs attention so that you can restore peace in your home quickly as possible.

Call the Police

When you discover that your house has been burglarized the first thing you should do is immediately contact the police. It might be tempting to enter your house if you spot a broken window or an open door in order to assess the situation and identify any belongings. However it’s essential to prioritize calling the police and following their instructions on how to proceed.

Although it may be tempting to enter your home doing so could potentially hinder the polices ability to thoroughly investigate the crime scene and gather evidence. If you’ve already entered the property before realizing there has been a break-in, step out, make the call, and try not to disturb anything in the house.

Address any urgent repairs promptly

After obtaining approval from the police, it is recommended that you promptly attend to any pressing issues. If you are renting your realtor agent might have given you a list of emergency repair contacts. It’s important to ensure your home is restored to a secure condition as fast as possible. If you need a locksmith to replace a lock it might be worth considering rekeying all the other locks too just in case any key have been misplaced or stolen.

Check Around Your House

While you’re waiting for the locksmith or window repairer it’s a good idea to take a moment to survey your surroundings. Keep a pen and paper nearby so you can note down anything that seems to be missing as you go along. Don’t forget to check for any sets of missing spare keys, they tend to be a target and can easily slip under the radar. In case your laptop computer was stolen and it contains sensitive information remember to update all your social media passwords, including changing your banking account passwords among them.

Gather Relevant Information

Once you have your list of items that are missing, try your best to find any receipts, serial numbers or even photos that are connected to the stolen belongings. It’s really important to have all this information easily accessible because it will be extremely helpful for what comes next.

Contacting Your Insurer

If you have home and contents insurance you can contact your insurance provider to start the claims process. It’s a great idea to hold onto any damaged items during these claims procedure. Make sure to provide your insurer with this information:

  • Your policy numbers.

  • A list of the stolen or damaged items.

  • Any proof of purchase or evidence showing ownership of the missing items.

  • The police report number related to the incident.

  • Detailed information about the police branch and officers involved in handling the case.

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