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Does My Auto Insurance Cover Locksmith Work?

The evolution of car keys has been quite remarkable and nowadays we’re no longer use those old traditional metal keys. Modern car keys are equipped with a transponder chip that communicates with the car ignition system and in some cases also allowing for keyless entry and ignition push to start button.

Either you have an old car that still uses a metal key or if you own a newer car the has an advanced transponder key to start the engine you can still lose it and need a replacement. Also losing your car key can lead to being locked out and the help of a locksmith to enter your car.

Are automotive locksmith services covered?

Whether your car insurance covers locksmith services depends on the situation and the type of coverage you have. If your keys are stolen or your locks are damaged during a break-in your insurance will likely cover all locksmith costs but if you accidentally lock your keys inside your car or lose them it’s unlikely to be covered.

If you have roadside assistance or lockout coverage the insurance might pay for a locksmith to help you get back in your car and also if you don’t have this coverage you might still be covered if you have comprehensive insurance policy. This type policy usually pays for damage to your car caused by things like theft or vandalism and also cover locksmith services. To be 100% sure if you’re you should talk directly to your insurance provider and check your policy thoroughly.

What is key replacement cover and does it affect no claims?

Key replacement cover in insurance pays for new keys if yours are lost, stolen or damaged. Whether key replacement affects your no claims bonus depends on your insurance policy and in general it doesn’t directly affect your bonus but it might affect your overall claims history which could influence your future premiums.

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